Facial Patches (green) with Hyaluron


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down the frown - green

Relax! Time-out for your frown lines and forehead wrinkles. Our facial patches are made from high-quality cotton and are enriched with highly effective hyaluronic acid. The more often you use them, the smoother and more relaxed your forehead region will be. It is clinically proven. Minimal ingredients, maximal effect.

  • contains 100 single-use patches
  • excellent skin tolerance
  • effective frown line reduction
  • the facial expression "pauses" through the plaster and is thus relaxed
  • the hyaluronic acid can optimally penetrate the skin layer

You constantly have to raise your eyebrows or keep wrinkling your forehead when concentrating? Our patches will help your facial expressions to relax.

  • gently smooth out existing wrinkles on the skin area where you want to apply the patches
  • remove the protective film
  • place the patches on the skin - over or in-between your eyebrows, or on your temples; you can apply them however you wish, even criss-cross
  • enjoy the feeling of relaxed facial muscles combines with the effect of the hyaluronic acid
  • leave the patches on as long as you can or want - but at least for one hour

Extra tip: You don´t necessarily need to use our patches in a beauty-context; put the on during working from home, or even for a cozy evening on the sofa. You will hardly notice them! 

cotton, lycra, skin friendly adhesive enriched with hyaluronic acid

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