Earlobe Tapes


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thing for earring

Do your earlobes need a little lifting? These tapes will fix worn-out lobe piercings within a minute. No surgical procedure, totally invisible and so easy to handle. Your earrings are placed perfectly and your earlobe is protected from overstretching.
  • contains 60 single-use tapes
  • immediate earlobe lifting
  • prevents overstretching
  • simple and convenient
  • vegan and cruelty-free
  • made in Germany

You have given in to your passion for heavy, glamorous earrings too often and have worn out your earlobes? Don´t worry, we have just the thing for you:

  1. make sure to apply the product on clean and dry skin 
  2. carefully remove the tape from the foil and find the eyelid crease
  3. place the tape on the back of your earlobe
  4. put your earring in the ear hole and through the tape

This way, your ear hole will be protected and your earring will sit perfectly.

Contains no ingredients - purely mechanical effect.

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