Nipple Pads with Aloe Vera


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You love your baby more than anything else in this world. But don’t forget yourself. Breastfeeding can cause sore and painful nipples. Our nipple pads are the perfect protection. The pads are made from pure medical grade silicone, enriched with high-quality bio aloe vera. Clean them every now and then and treat them well. You will get up to 30 treatments out of one pad. The more often you use them, the quicker your skin will regenerate. It is clinically proven. Minimal ingredients. Maximal effect.

  • effective nipple treatment
  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • natural aloe vera
  • up to 30x reusable

If breastfeeding gets a little painful, the APRICOT Nipple Pads will help to calm down irritated skin with the help of bio aloe vera.

  1. apply the pad on clean and dry skin
  2. place the pad gently on the areolas
  3. use the pad regularly for at least an hour to effectively sooth the skin
  4. after using the pads, place them back on the plastic sheet and store them in the sachet
Clean them every now and then and treat them  well to enjoy them for longer. You can rinse them with our Silicone Pad Cleanser under running, lukewarm water, which is formulated to work perfectly with he material of the pad. Optionally, you can use oil free, mild soap instead. Leave the pads to air-dry and finally put them back in the sachet as usual.
dimethicone (as carrier material), aloe barbadensis leaf juice

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