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a heart for hyaluron

The Best of Edition of our Beauty Pads with Hyaluron: with this Beauty Box, you not only give your body special attention and smoothing care, but also an extra dose of moisture that visibly plumps up your skin and makes it look more radiant.

  • Eye Pads - me, myself and eye
  • Mouth Pads - I love your smile
  • Forehead Pad - fantastic forehead
  • Decolleté Pad - liberté décolleté
  • Neck Pad - it's neck or nothing
  • Hand Pads - a handful happiness
  • Silicone Pad Cleanser - rinse and shine

All pads are made of pure medical grade silicone and infused with highly effective hyaluronic acid. Clean them every now and then and treat it well. Then you will get up to 30 treatments out of it.  

  1. apply the pads on clean and dry skin
  2. gently smooth out existing wrinkles on the skin area where you want to apply the pads
  3. place the pad on the skin (Eye Pads: under your eye, above the cheekbone, laterally towards the temple / Mouth Pads: left and right on your nasolabial folds / Forehead Pad: on the whole forehead area / Hand Pads: the back of your hands / Neck Pad: the front side of the neck / Décolleté Pad: the upper-middle are of the chest)
  4. use the pads regularly and leave them on for at least an hour to achieve the desired effect
  5. the more often and the longer you use it, the smoother and more firm your skin will get
  6. after using a pad, place it back on the plastic sheet and store it in the sachet
    Clean them every now and then and treat them well to enjoy them for longer. You rinse them with our Silicone Pad Cleanser under running, lukewarm water, which is formulated to work perfectly with he material of the pads. Optionally, you can use oil free, mild soap instead. Leave the pads to air-dry and finally put them back in the sachet as usual.

    Reusable Pads: dimethicone (as carrier material), hyaluronic acid

    Silicone Pads Cleanser: aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium chloride, soyamide dea, glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, citric acid, magnesium nitrate, sodium benzoate

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