Our Reusable Pads visibly reduce wrinkles immediately after 1 hour. How is that possible? It is a team effort of material and microclimate that leads to clinically proven results.

The silicone pad is made of extra-fine medical grade silicone. In the lowest layer of the material is infused with low-molecular, highly effective hyaluron. The outer layer is completely airtight, it creates a barrier on the skin, under which the body's own heat production results in the development of the microclimate: 

  • the skin opens up and becomes particularly receptive
  • hyaluron can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, moisturizing and boosting collagen production
  • cell renewal and blood circulation are stimulated
  • the wear time provides an additional manual smoothing effect

The skin can regenerate itself from within, leading to visibly reduced wrinkles. Wow, what a climate!