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simple against pimple

No more pimple panic! Our pimple patches are
enriched with highly effective hydrocolloid –
it dries out your pimples and ensures a rapid
healing. The patches protect the wounds from
germs, have an antibacterial effect and soothe
your skin. Minimal ingredients. Maximal effect.

  • contains 72 single-use patches in two sizes
  • excellent skin tolerance
  • long adherence
  • vegan and cruelty-free
  • made in Germany

Oh no! A pimple! Don´t worry - with out simple against pimple pathces, there´s no need to panic anymore.

  • apply the patches on clean and dry skin
  • remove the protective film
  • place the patches on the skin as needed
  • leave the patches on as long as you can or want - you can even use it overnight

Finally: relax - you´re beautiful!

carboxymethyl cellulose sodium

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